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New Mum Sophie Starts Local Support Group

New Mum Sophie Starts Local Support Group

We are so excited to catch up with the wonderful Sophie. She is a new mum to her daughter Rae who will be soon be turning 1 years old in May. No-one could off predicted how life would change this time last year. Imagine being a new parent or parent to be amongst it all? Whilst recognising the challenges Sophie saw an opportunity to bring new parents together in these crazy times. She started 'Babies who lockdown' which is a local support group in Benfleet which is not only for the support of the parents but the many positives that it brings to the babies too! She has also started her podcast "Mama Knows Best-Ish" with a real and raw approach to the world of parenting in a pandemic! Read on to find out more about this inspirational local mum!

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself? Hello! My name is Sophie Hawkins, I am a performer who runs a theatre production company with my husband- Total Productions.. I became a first time mum May 2020 to my beautiful baby girl Rae JJ Hawkins.

What is your favourite thing about the area you live being a new mum? As a gal who grew up in Suffolk, I'm used to the countryside, here in Essex although it may not be your first thought I love that I can drive 15 minutes out and there's be spoilt for choice on being in the woods or by the water.


What inspired you to start up the local support group 'Babies who lockdown'? Having a baby in a pandemic wasn't the plan, for anyone! And being unable to do any classes pre birth and after with Rae, I found it incredibly lonely. There was nothing available locally and as my business was again sadly not trading I had a space just there calling me to use it.


How has the support group helped new parents/to be?

Good god yes! In so many ways, it can be as I said above incredibly lonely in the beginning. The very basic need of interaction has been taken from so many of us and the ability to have a simple conversation with someone else has made such a difference. I've had ladies who've come and said afterwards their partners have made a comment on the improvement of their mood and general happiness. Theres so many positives to the group, our children are being able to also interact creating memories and friendships at such a young Age which in turn is helping their development. This is more than just a support group it's a community within our community. So much so that when things begin to reopen, Babies Who Lockdown is going to growing too, I'm very proud to say we will be running different classes focusing on lots of different things, mums, new mums, pregnancy, mum and babies, fitness, singing, dancing, sensory, music and lots more!


What are your top tips for new parents who are spending so much time at home? It is not for me to say what works for anyone! Everyone is individual, things that have worked for me is to GET.OUTSIDE! Even if it is just walking to the end of the road and back. And if you can get to one, a nice Costa or Starbucks!!

How can you help/where can we find your group/podcast?

So, the private Facebook group you can join here, it's called Babies Who Lockdown...

This is an online community that is where everything begun so even if you can't get to a physical session, you can still reach out and talk to other lockdown mamas and papas! I also run a Podcast-Mama Knows Best-Ish. Https:// I think it's important that new parents feel heard, we have a lot to say haha! So, each week I talk to different friends and family about their experiences, the ups and downs and there's a lot of laughs along the way!


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