If you‘ve sold your house and plan to live in furnished accommodation while you‘re between homes, you may need to have your house contents put into storage.

Many removal companies offer containerised storage.

Self-storage systems are becoming more popular – these offer you your own private storage unit. You store your goods…you lock the unit…and you keep the key! Access is usually during working hours.

Your mover can arrange adequate loss/fire insurance cover which needs to be in effect before you move.

Storage charges are usually payable monthly in advance.

Check what the handling charges will be when you want to take your goods out of store.

If freezers or fridges have to be stored, they need to be defrosted and cleaned about a week before you move. Washing machines should also be clean and dry.

Ensure important documents such as passports or birth certificates are not put into store – you never know when you may need them!

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